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Rock Shelter is a licensed, bonded and fully insured irrigation and sprinkler company serving Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Whether you need a brand new sprinkler system installed or a simple repair, Rock Shelter is happy to assist you. We also offer comprehensive rainwater harvesting systems including filters, barrels, cisterns and more. Because Rock Shelter offers a wide range of landscaping and outdoor construction services, we are uniquely qualified to integrate masonry and irrigation for such purposes as waterfalls, fountains and ponds for residential and commercial applications.


Rock Shelter LDC is a certified sprinkler and irrigation system provider. We install, repair and maintain both residential and commercial grade irrigation systems as part of our home and commercial landscaping services arm. We install the most efficient sprinkler heads on the market and utilize hyper-efficient drip irrigation practices wherever possible as well as the most modern rain sensors that have the ability to break your property into micro zones that are also optimized for efficiency.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rock Shelter LDC is proud to be a comprehensive provider of rainwater harvesting systems including large-scale commercial rainwater harvesting with cisterns and filtration. We also design and maintain residential rainwater systems with simple barrel capture and small-scale filtering. As part of a broader drip irrigation plan, rainwater harvesting can be a very rewarding step toward greening your property by way of water conservation.

Waterfalls, Fountains & Ponds

Whether indoors or out, a focal point like a waterfall, fountain or pond makes a statement while improving the calm and serenity of any environment. Put simply, water is soothing. Whether you meditate, practice yoga or martial arts, or simply enjoy the sight and sound of slow moving water – Rock Shelter LDC can design, install and maintain your private oasis. We can integrate these installations as part of a custom patio design, as part of a larger landscape design project, or as a standalone feature such as a koi pond with hand-built wood bridges, rock beds, oversize planters and feng shui-inspired gardens.

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