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Landscaping Services

Rock Shelter offers both commercial and home landscaping services. Beyond the lawn care basics of mowing, weeding, pruning and edging, we offer comprehensive landscaping services including tree care, leaf removal, topsoil and grading, lime application, insect and pest management, deer repellant, dethatching and aeration. We also specialize in organic lawn care, for those clients interested in minimizing exposure to chemicals, allergens and other irritants.

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Lawn Care, Garden Care & Leaf Removal

With more than 30 years of experience, Rock Shelter offers expert lawn and garden care services. We know what it takes to keep your lawn green and lush, and we understand why your expectations are so high. That is why owner, Peter Julian, continuously visits our crews on-site. We do not manage from a distance, we apply our own exacting standards from right up close and we train our in-house staff personally. All of our employees represent Rock Shelter with the utmost professionalism and care for your home or place of business as if it were theirs.

We recommend weekly visits from May to October. Every Spring we start with an initial clean up of your lawn and/or garden. This includes removing all winter debris (leaves, sticks, old foliage, etc) from herbaceous perennials, pruning dead or broken branches from evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs, edging all beds, and applying weed control and fertilizer.

Every Fall we perform a final seasonal clean up that includes removing all annuals and cutting back perennials as needed, raking all mulch beds and removing all debris. Put simply, we do whatever it takes to keep your lawn clean and green – for a free estimate, please contact us directly (for your convenience: contact info is at the top of the page and there is a direct contact form at the bottom of this page).

Topsoil, Mulch & Grading

While we see topsoil, mulch and grading as a standard component of our landscaping services, we also offer landscape design services as needed. Although most needs can be met without a designer or architect, we do work with some of the best landscape designers in Westchester County, Lower Fairfield County and Southern Connecticut. Rock Shelter is proud to offer in-house design services for issues of grading and irrigation.

Lime Application

While we do not intend to bore you with the finer points of lime application, we do want to assure you that correct lime application will be included. It is essential for maintaining a topflight landscape. At the end of every growth season, and as needed in between, we will apply the right lime for the job – taking into account all of the necessary pH, nutrient, calcium, and magnesium levels. We also take into account the coarseness of the lime and the saturation of the soil.

Insect & Pest Management/Deer Repellant

Different locations in New York and Connecticut require different solutions for these essential services. As deer populations continue to grow, deer have become the new high-priority pests in our counties, while West Nile and other insect and pest-born viruses have to be accounted for as well. Even though we cannot guarantee against these concerns, we do take every reasonable precaution to minimize your risk. We all want to enjoy our outdoor spaces without the concern of infestation or virus.

Dethatching and Aeration

A thin layer of thatch is healthy, it promotes growth and breaks down into organic matter all by itself, but too much thatch build-up prevents air, light and water from reaching the turf. Aeration is a healthy practice that combats this build-up, and depending on the seasonality of your grass, it is a good idea to aerate a lawn annually (in most cases). Aeration should be done when your grass is in its highest seasonal growth phase – that is the late summer for cool-season grasses and late spring for warm-season grasses.

Tree Care

Tree care is part of our comprehensive landscaping service. If you have something special in mind beyond the health of the tree and the safety of the grounds, we can do that too. We will survey the tops of the trees on your property at every visit – should a problem arise that requires an arborist, we will call one in for you as we maintain a healthy working relationship with Westchester County’s best arborists.


We train all of our in-house staff, personally, and outfit them with uniforms. It goes without saying that this level of professionalism is just as essential for our private clients as it is for our commercial clients. We pride ourselves not only on the level of excellence that we offer in maintaining your property and the beauty of your outdoor spaces, but also on the level of professionalism that we offer – from the time that you first contact us to our personal appearance during service visits, and to any additional correspondence or special needs that might arise. That is why we maintain up-to-date licenses and certifications in LEED and SIMA.

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