Do you charge for an initial consultation?

We currently offer no-charge estimates. All estimates have a 30-day price guarantee. 

Do you have a minimum job size?

There is no job too small.

Do you offer irrigation services?

Our irrigation services offer new sprinkler system installation to basic repairs. We also offer water-efficient drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting, waterfalls, fountains and ponds.

Can you maintain my lawn and garden, year-round?

We offer year round lawn maintenance property contracts.  

Can you come out and clean up my yard and garden seasonally, or before a big event, without a contract?

We can provide Spring or Fall Clean Up on a time and material basis,  Since our contract clients are guaranteed timed services, we do encourage you to explore this option.  

Do you know how to do artistic pruning?

Yes-we can prune your Japanese maples, specimen trees and shrubs, and other special-needs plants.

My plants or lawn has a pest or disease problem. Can you identify it and treat it?

Yes, we can diagnose the problem and treat it to the best of our ability, following state and local pest and disease regulations.

Do you have organic lawn care and landscape care options?

Yes! We are please to provide organic and natural options for your lawn and garden care.

I only want a design, and I want to install it myself. Can you do that?

Yes. We can work with you to develop a design that you can install yourself.